Residential Services

HyKleen make use of the latest window cleaning technology to ensure a fantastic result, and it's not reserved just for our business clients, we offer the same professional service to our domestic window cleaning customers as well, but still at an affordable price.

What To Expect

When we visit your home to clean your windows we will carry purified water with us. Extendable poles allow us to reach every floor of your property without requiring the use of unstable and unsafe ladders like traditional window cleaners. Each pole has a soft brush attached to the end and the purified water is pumped up the pole and through the bristles of the brush. The soft bristles gently but effectively loosen any dirt from your windows, which is then literally absorbed by the purified water.

Finally, we thoroughly rinse your windows so that all dirt is washed away and all that is left on your window is pure water. This is then allowed to evaporate away leaving your windows perfectly clear.

Your Questions Answered

Why don't you use detergent?
Traditional window-cleaning methods require some agent to lift the dirt away from your windows. That is the purpose of the detergent. Unfortunately, the traditional method of simply blading the glass without rinsing means that a thin residue of detergent is then left on your windows, this becomes sticky and in time actually attracts more dirt. The purified water used in our system literally absorbs dirt, removing the necessity for any extra cleaning agent. It also leaves your windows free of any residue meaning that they will stay cleaner for longer.
If you allow the windows to dry by themselves, won't that leave watermarks?
So called "watermarks" are actually created, not by the water itself, but by the impurities contained within water. Water has the well-known chemical make-up H2O ... in other words: water is made up only of gases - hydrogen and oxygen. When it evaporates the water itself evaporates away completely, but it leaves behind any impurities that it contained causing "watermarks". That's why we use 100% pure water and we ensure that your windows are thoroughly rinsed before we leave. When our water evaporates from your windows it leaves nothing behind but a sparkle!
Will I notice the difference the first time you visit?
Not necessarily. Cleaning your windows using the traditional method will have left a layer of residue over the glass to which dirt clings. Our method of cleaning breaks down this layer and actually draws dirt to the surface that may have been missed for months or even years. It may take up to three cleans to fully remove this layer of dirt and leave your windows perfectly clear.
How do you purify the water?
The water is first softened to minimise wear and tear on the very fine filters that are used through the rest of the process. The water is then passed through a series of filters each designed to refine the water more than the previous one. The final stages of filtration utilise a method known as "reverse osmosis" ... we could explain what that is but we would need another three pages, all you need to know is that this method removes all organic, bacterial or particulate impurities from the water. By the end of this process the level of impurities in the water has dropped to below 30 parts PER MILLION!

But that's not enough for us ... to produce the best possible finish we need the purest possible water. To produce this the water goes through one final stage known as "de-ionisation" ... again, it's very complicated, but think of it as filtering on an atomic level, it makes sure that even the last few atoms of impurities are removed from the water. After this stage the impurities in the water have dropped to below 1 part per million. Only in certain scientific research facilities will you find water that is much purer than this. Now we are ready to clean your windows!
Do I need to do anything special to prepare for your visit?
Not at all, you don't even need to be at home when we visit. We only ask that windows be shut on the day of our visit and that arrangements are made to allow us access to all windows.
Photo of a HyKleen worker cleaning house windows with the water fed pole window cleaning system

With our water fed pole system we can clean your whole house quickly and safely.

Photo of a HyKleen worker cleaning a garage door with the water fed pole system

We're not just limited to cleaning your windows.

Photo of a HyKleen worker cleaning fascias with the water fed pole system

Frames and fascias are no challenge for us.