Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels lose efficiency as they get dirty.  Keeping them clean extends their life and maximises the amount of energy they can produce.  The financial benefits of higher electricity production soon balance the cost of a regular cleaning program.


Manufacturers recommend a six-monthly clean for your solar panels, and some installers are even making this a requirement to maintain your warranty.


How We Work

We assess the property and surroundings to ensure safe access to the roof for cleaning.  Our equipment is ideally adapted for providing a safe, ground-based cleaning method of your solar panels avoiding many of the inherent risks of working at height.

The equipment we use cleans your solar panels gently but thoroughly, ensuring the best possible job with the minimum risk of damage to your panels.  No harsh cleaning chemicals or heavy equipment are used, meeting all the recommendations of the major solar panel manufacturers.

Have confidence that you're in safe hands

We have a number of registrations and accreditations for our health & safety practices.

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