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Gutter & Fascia Cleaning

HyKleen believe that gutter cleaning is an important part of building maintenance that avoids potential future damage.  Gutters are designed to move water, not to store standing water, heavy wet leaves and moss.


The weight of dirt and debris can damage gutters, even causing them to pull away from the building.  A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule can ensure they never reach this point and avoid expensive repair work later on.


If it's clean,

we've been!


How We Work

We always work quickly, safely and efficiently.  We have received a number of accreditations and registrations for our health and safety practices.  We also have many testimonials from satisfied customers.

Gutter cleaning has the potential to be a dangerous job, but we assess all the risks before starting work and follow strict safety guidelines while we work.  We are also covered by public liability insurance in the rare event anything should occur - so rare that we've never yet needed to call on it, but knowing its there will give you peace of mind!

Have confidence that you're in safe hands

We have a number of registrations and accreditations for our health & safety practices.

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