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Window Cleaning

HyKleen offer the same professional window cleaning service to domestic customers, commercial and industrial clients, landlords, caretakers, building managers, facilities management agencies, councils & housing associations.


With an enviable Health & Safety record, we offer a professional window cleaning service for buildings of any size using our high-reach pole system, avoiding many of the risks inherent in other window cleaning methods.


If it's clean,

we've been!


How We Work

When we visit your premises we carry our own supply of purified heated water. Extendable poles allow us to reach every floor of your building without requiring the use of ladders or expensive powered access. Each pole has a soft brush attached to the end and the purified water is pumped up the pole and through the bristles of the brush. The soft bristles gently but effectively loosen any dirt from your windows.

Finally, we thoroughly rinse your windows so that all dirt is washed away and all that is left on your window is pure water. This is then allowed to evaporate away leaving your windows perfectly clear.

Have confidence that you're in safe hands

We have a number of registrations and accreditations for our health & safety practices.

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