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Soft Washing

Most dirt and grime on rendered surfaces is a result of the colonisation of algae, lichen, fungi, moss or mould that gives rise to unsightly staining.  Soft washing is used to clean renders and then periodically maintain them.  See what a difference it can make above.


Soft washing makes use of two different biocides - both fully approved by the UK Health & Safety Executive - to keep rendered surfaces free from colonisation for up to three years, much longer than power washing which will re-colonise very rapidly because it cannot kill the spores that seed new colonisation.


If it's clean,

we've been!


How We Work

Our purified heated water system with extendable poles and brushes mean that we can safely reach all parts of your building without using ladders or other difficult and dangerous access methods.  


This method is not only safe, it's also fast and effective meaning that we can offer fascia and cladding cleaning as a regular addition to your usual cleaning service.  Just give us a call today for a free quote.

We use the same levels of fast, effective, professional service to other areas of your building.  Find out more about Gutter Cleaning and Solar Panel Cleaning.

Have confidence that you're in safe hands

We have a number of registrations and accreditations for our health & safety practices.

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